maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2012

Red Bull Nanshan Open

Saturday we had Nanshan Open qualifications. Morning started with windy conditions and it was quite hard to get the speed for the jumps. Later the day the conditions got a lot better and we had a good day of riding. I won the qualis and was super stoked! My run was about this bs7, double bs rodeo, sw board to pole jam, nopepress to lipslide 270, wallride fs disaster revert

photo:Fabia Grüebler

Yesterday at the finals day the park was in a good shape, weather was sunny, no wind and we got enough speed for the jumps. Everyone was riding really good! I wasn't happy with my riding because I didn't land the run I wanted but I'm anyways happy that I got 3rd place. I was super stoked for Juuso Laivisto of his victory at the Nanshan Open. Congrats Juuso!


Now we are off back to Beijing for few days doing some shopping and more sightseeing. Hopefully have time to visit the Great Wall of China.

After China, I'm flying back home to Finland for few days and then we fly to the states to Breckenridge for few days before the X-Games.

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